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Watch: AustinShow receives honest opinion about jacket from stream sniper

AustinShow received a sincere opinion about his jacket from a stream sniper recently. It may necessarily have been to his or his fans’ liking, though.

Austin is on a trip to South Korea with Emiru, Esfand, and Mizkif. While walking down the street, a stream sniper approached the group. The sniper was asked to give his opinion on Austin’s jacket. He responded pretty harshly.

“Do you wear this in America?” Stream sniper’s take on AustinShow’s jacket
While IRL streaming on the streets in South Korea, Austin and the rest of the group were approached by a stream sniper, who told them he was a fan of Esfand’s stream. The online stars then talked to him for a couple of minutes.

At one point, Austin asked him to give his opinion on the jacket he was wearing.

“We’re getting feedback on the jacket. What do you think, yes or no?”
The fan responded with brutal honesty, saying that his jacket looked st**id.

“Do you wear things like that in America? Hell no!”
He said that AustinShow would be better served not wearing something so garish. The stranger added he needed to go back to more basic clothing.

“You gotta have the basics. That ain’t s***!”
He then got up in front of the camera and pointed at the jacket, telling the chat that the piece of clothing was weird.

“Chat, this is WeirdChamp! This is complete WeirdChamp!”
The group got a kick out of the sniper’s responses, laughing with each sentence he said. The fan said that he grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, but moved back to South Korea for mandatory military service.

He also said he was currently working as a bartender in Busan, the city they were streaming from, and that he intended to move back to the United States eventually.

While stream snipers can sometimes be an annoyance for streamers and viewers, this man on AustinShow’s stream in South Korea was great for the stream’s content. The broadcasters and viewers seemed to enjoy what he had to say and appreciated that he didn’t overstay his welcome.

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